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Thanks for dropping by the Norred's website. My name is James Norred and I will be your host. This is a family genealogical website and is to be an ongoing collaborative project for the Norred family linage and its many connections. Content for the site will evolve as we go along and more relations provide input and ideas but, a website of this nature is somewhat like a history book that tends to write it's self over time as new characters appear and interact in an ongoing historical narrative.

The name "Norred" as my family spells it has many variations including but not limited to Norrod, Norod, Norrid, Norid, and Norwood. Originally the name most likely was "Norrod" or "Norwood", and our Ancestor's probably came to the British Isles and England in the early 1300's from the country of Norway. We are of Nordic decent but most peoples of Northern Europe can claim the same as the Nordic peoples also referred to as Vikings conquered most of the area between 800 and 1200. The Linage that began to arrive in North America in the early 1600's was a mixture of English, German, Scottish, and Irish predominately with other linage variations on a family by family basis. As with all families it depends on from where you hail and whom you marry. My particular Norred linage, Benjamin Isaac, arrived in the colonies between 1748 and 1749 (It wasn't America yet), and hailed from Massworth, Buckinghamshire, England. He arrived around age 16 indentured to a tobacco plantation in what was to become the state of Maryland as a servant until age 21. His story is told in the family members section of the website.

There are many surnames to be covered and many more will be added but at present we have, but not limited to the following, Norred with variations including Norrod, Norod, Norrid, Norid, and Norwood. Others include Arnett, Boon, Broussard, Brown, Burns, Coon, Cranow, Futrell, Hibler, Jasper, Mack, Mitcheltree, Murphy, Newton, O'Callagahan, Pickett, Waldrip, Warren, and Watkins. I have a longer list but each will be added in the appropriate sections.

As mentioned this is to be a collaborative project and basically any Norred or associated surname relation that wants to participate can have a page or sub domain, email, blogs, forums, photo galleries, database, or pretty much anything they need to publish on the web and help with the project as long as it pertains to the family linage and follows all guide lines to be set forth. If you’re a person who likes to do research as a hobby and is interested in the linage(s) here give me an email and perhaps we can work something out. I have a forum set up which is a great tool for a collaborative project such as this and beats trying to keep up with group emails. Check it out and join up and if you need your own forum threads, even password protected just send me an email or PM through the forum. This is all a work in progress so bear with me and I will get to it all in good time, even quicker with some help.

I will be your webmaster and host so contact me via email below. This has already grown into a large project and I could use volunteers with the following skills; web design, databases, coding, artistic people, writers, or anyone in general that wants to learn and contribute. I can teach you if you are really interested, and there is always something to do. In time I would like to adopt some county genealogy sites but, would require help to share the load. These are sites run by volunteers that provide free resources to all genealogy researchers. I will have more information on this matter in my resources sections.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope any information I publish here will be helpful. Please take a moment to sign our guestbook and let us know if you are related or might be and how. You don't even have to be a relation as any constructive comments or suggestions about the sight are always helpful and links to references and resources could benefit other visitors. Even if you’re the friendly type of person I know you to be and just wanted to say "Howdy, I stopped by", by all means please do so. Please note that I take the latest measures to counteract ad and spybot's so a valid email address is required but, it is protected by code (scrambled) to prevent it from being harvested by email harvesting bots. As to the hint, everyone knows my last name is Norred but use no caps. The spelling error is on purpose, it drives the pesky bots crazy trying to Google common things like this. Any problems in this area please email me at once! You can also select to send me a private message by ticking the appropriate check box and your message will not show up in the public view.

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